Classic games: Mikado
Classic games: Mikado
Classic games: Mikado

Classic games: Mikado


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"DJECO classic game: Mikado"

DJECO classic game Mikado . The classic game in a beautiful packaging from Djeco.
Mikado, the game of skill that has made many players despair. The Mikado sticks lie chaotically on top of each other. Now one stick after the other should be removed without moving other sticks. A real classic for young and old in a beautiful packaging at a low price.
Playing time: approx. 5 - 10 minutes
Size: 20*8*2cm
Age: from 5 years
Number of players: 1 - 6

Enclosed you will find the Djeco Mikado game rules:
41 sticks of different value:
- 1 Mikado stick, worth 20 points (blue striped)
- 5 samurai sticks, each worth 10 points (red, blue, red, blue, red)
- 5 mandarin chopsticks, each worth 5 points (blue, red, blue)
- 15 Bonzen sticks, each worth 3 points (red, blue)
- 15 pensticks, worth 2 points each (red, yellow, blue)
Aim of the game:
Pull the sticks out of the pile without moving the other sticks.
Game preparation:
The chopsticks are wrapped in the fist on the table or the floor. Then you open your hand and the chopsticks fall apart like a fan.
The youngest player starts. The game is played clockwise. The player whose turn it is tries to pull out a stick of his choice. Under no circumstances may another stick be touched or moved. If he manages to do this, he wins the pulled-out chopstick and is allowed to go ahead and pull out other chopsticks.
If he accidentally moves another stick, it's the next player's turn.
A notice:
The stick he tried to pull out is of course left in place in play.
It is possible to use one or more of his already extracted chopsticks to extract another one.
Who wins?
At the end of the game, the players add up the points of their won sticks. The player who has collected the most points wins

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