Exercise for the whole family

Stapelstein® products are both simple and contrasting in form and function. They can be used as individually as you are.


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      “The task of the environment is not to shape the child, but to allow him to develop freely.”

      Mary Montessori

      What is possible with Stapelstein®?

      All of our game elements are equally simple and contrasting in form and function. They can be used as individually as you are. Whether indoors or outdoors, as a game, movement or design element, the possible applications are endlessly varied. The colorful elements bring movement into play, especially in the water. Use it, for example, as a swimming island in the bathtub, pool or in the sea.

      Awaken your creative spirit and get your body moving in a playful way.

      Who are Stapelstein® products suitable for?

      For children and young people

      Even small children as young as one year old can use the stacking elements for their free play. Children and young people can deepen their motor, cognitive and social skills through challenging variations.

      Promoting free movement is based on independent research and discovery. This nourishes the child's basic need for active learning. In addition to the basic functions such as stacking, rolling, throwing, spinning, sorting and balancing, the versatile elements adapt to the individual level of development and interests of a child.

      For adults

      Our products are suitable for all age groups and therefore invite you to spend time exercising together. A valuable recommendation for more back stability, for example, is the dynamic stool. This allows you to transform your passive sitting posture into health-promoting back training.

      Our products are particularly suitable for everyday use, such as in the home office as a height-adjustable stool or at the standing workstation as a balance element, as a yoga block, flexible stairs, fitness equipment or as a valuable companion during pregnancy for pre- and postnatal exercises and strengthening the pelvic arch, right through to the first play element for your child - Stapelstein® products are a valuable enrichment for the whole family.

      Where can I find game and application ideas?

      So that you can get started right away, we have four really good sources of inspiration for you.

      1. Stapelstein® App

      The Stapelstein® app is a media educational offering in which the analogue world is linked with the online world in a playful way. Browse through 60 varied game ideas and complement them with tools from the wonder box. To the app >

      2. Stapelstein® Play Cards

      Our Play Cards are a collection of 22 moving game ideas that you receive as cards in a high-quality folder by post. Discover Play Cards >

      Grundfunktionen von Stapelstein® Originals

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