Magic school card game
Magic school card game
Magic school card game
Magic school card game

Magic school card game


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"DJECO card game Magic school"

"Magic School" - DJECO card game for children from 5 years. Grab your wands and let's go!
You are apprentice sorcerers who really want to become real sorcerers. For this you have to solve at least 10 magic tasks. But watch out: You can only solve the tricky tasks together. In order to complete a task, you must match the magic items to their owners and make pairs of two related cards.
32 cards: 16 magic item cards and 16 character cards
For 1-6 players
Playing time: 10 mins
Material: cardboard
Size: 8.5*11.7*2.8cm
Age: 5-99 years
game rules
All cards are shuffled and placed in a face-down pile. In the course of the game, the players take turns drawing a card and placing them in rows of 4 on the table, creating a rectangle of 4x4 cards.
Game Rules:
The youngest player starts, then play continues clockwise. The first player draws the top card from the draw pile, shows it to all other players and then places it face down on the table. The second player draws a card and also shows it to all players:
- If the card matches the card already discarded, the player places it face up on top of the other card. The pair is now complete and no more cards can be placed on it.
- If the card does not match the card already discarded, the player also discards it face down.
In subsequent rounds of multiple face down cards, the player can choose which card to place their new card on if they think they can make a pair.
The game is over when the deck is empty.
Tip: The players can discuss among themselves where they want to put the drawn card. However, the decision is made by the player whose turn it is. A card that has already been discarded cannot be placed on another card.
The game ends when all the cards have been placed on the table, ie in a rectangle of 4x4 cards with 2 cards on each square.
The 16 pairs are now checked. If the magic item is correctly matched to its owner, the task is accomplished.

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