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      Playing with dolls is an important activity for children because it allows them to develop important social, emotional and cognitive skills.

      Socially, playing with dolls can help children learn about different social roles and relationships, such as B. Parent-child, sibling and friendships. It also allows children to practice communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

      Emotionally, playing with dolls can help children express and understand their own and other people's feelings and emotions. It can also help children learn how to deal with difficult feelings and situations, e.g. B. with nurturing, caring and empathy.

      Cognitively, playing with dolls helps children develop their imagination, creativity, and symbolic thinking. It also allows children to learn about different perspectives and practice decision making, problem solving and critical thinking.

      Playing with dolls can also help children develop fine motor skills, learn about different cultures, traditions and historical events, and understand the world around them.

      It should be noted that playing with puppets is a natural and fun activity for children, which can be done individually or in groups, with or without props, and that it is important to let children guide the game and give them the Giving freedom to express themselves and use their imagination.