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      The KAPLA game

      KAPLA ® is an absolutely universal game and inspires the creativity of young and old!

      It's a single building block, the famous magical KAPLA tile and a single rule, gravity, and off you go, from the age of 2!

      Playing with KAPLA® awakens the imagination and artistic instinct in all of us, from little builders to architects with offbeat ambitions... and the possibilities are endless

      The fun of being together

      All ages and all generations together.
      Sharing ideas, mutual help and enrichment, enjoying the community

      The power of imagination

      Magic resides in each of us, you just have to bring it out into the open.
      Explore and express your own imagination.

      Development through play

      Intuitive understanding through research and technology when building.
      Development of logic, concentration and autonomy but also cooperation.

      Grow beyond yourself

      Invent, try, repeat, persevere and put your own ideas into practice.
      Use creativity and invention to achieve personal goals.